Oink it up.

This morning I received an invite to Oink. Oink lets you review the individual items in a place rather than give a blanket thumbs up to the entire establishment.  Is your favorite place to get wings actually a pizza place better known for their mediocre slices?  Then you can “love” the wings and give a thumbs down to the pizza.

When enough people in your area have left reviews, you can then use the service to search for those perfect wings in places you might not have stumbled upon otherwise. Or if you’re in a strange restaurant, you can quickly find what someone else thought was fab or not so great. Not so sure about that person’s review?  A quick look at the their profile shows they didn’t like your absolute fave meal at another place so you can quickly dismiss their opinion if need be.

Also, Oink lets you review items outside of a GPS location’s purview like: books, movies, cars, and podcasts (hint, hint).

Currently Oink is only available for iOS devices but I have to believe it’ll be available for other devices eventually.



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