Dr. Who Is Gonna Be (500 Miles)

And finally – if you like The Proclaimers and you like Dr. Who, I’ve just posted your MECCA.  David Tennant, after all, is their biggest fan.  This video was made at the end of Tennant’s tenure as the Doctor, and, also, was shown at the wrap party.  Enjoy!  Other, non-Dr. Who-related posts to come throughout the day.  I just wanted to make sure these fixed up everyone’s morning!  Better for you than coffee!  Trust!



4 thoughts on “Dr. Who Is Gonna Be (500 Miles)

  1. I can’t possibly be the only one who got choked up seeing Elizabeth Sladen. This has to be one of the last recordings of her. 😦

    • But look how much fun everyone was having, especially Tennant. How awesome would it be to EVER have so much fun doing a JOB. I love it. And I miss Sarah Jane.

  2. that is the most awesome thing i have ever seen. also, i had no idea elizabeth sladen had passed. crushed. she was in my opinion far and above the best companion ever.

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