The Belushi Family’s Greatest Gift

As you listen to our hilarious and wildly popular podcast you may think to yourself: “What makes those handsome devils tick?”.  We realize that not everyone has been exposed to the same movies, shows, books or albums that we obsess over. So, from time to time, we here at Slightly Burned Pants might offer some guidance so you can expand your comedy coffers.

Today’s recommendation is the pinnacle of the Belushi family’s comedic genius.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Real Men.

This is not a trap. Jim Belushi is very funny in this film. Ready for more blasphemy? Real Men is funnier than Animal House. There. I said it. God, it feels good to get that off my chest.  Equally funny in this film is future fat John Ritter. It’s bittersweet to see him so svelte just a few years before he ballooned into such a disgusting, sweaty mess.



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