Beetlejuice Times 26

Back in 1988, Tim Burton directed a little film that would change the way we sang a certain Harry Belafonte song FOREVER.

Today, the folks over at Bleeding Cool ran a story that could change our very LIVES.  You’ll just have to say Beetlejuice twenty-six times, instead of three.  That’s right.  Someone wants to make a DIRECT SEQUEL to Beetlejuice and have MICHAEL KEATON AS BEETLEJUICE!  I’m sorry to use caps so much, but I’m basically screaming at you at this point.  Do you REALIZE what this MEANS?  It’s means JEFFREY FUCKING JONES MIGHT GET TO BE IN ANOTHER MOVIE!

Story link and poor taste picture after the jump!

"Hey kid, you got any pictures of Jeffrey Jones?"

The sad thing is, Glenn Shadix, the guy that played Otho, the stereotypically gay designer, is dead.  BUT… Dick Cavett isn’t.  Maybe what all this really means is that if Keaton agrees to do it, it’ll push him into sequel mode and toward Mr. Mom II: Back In The Apron, which is actually what we all want, right?  Just for Terri Garr’s sake?  Come on!


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