Big Wheels Keep On Turning

One time, a friend of ours bought a scooter (back before having scooters was a thing), and he wanted all of us to buy scooters, too, and start a scooter pirate gang. We didn’t do it, and eventually his scooter got repo’d (or he sold it to some poor schmuck and never paid for the scooter himself).  But all that brings me to this:

"Up next on Childhood Dreams - Tonka Trucks!"

It seems to me that we should all get THESE and start a Big Wheel Pirate Gang!  C’mon Pantsers!  Who’s with me?!?


After the jump, enjoy some links about this $75,000 piece of glory!

Hammacher Schlemmer – The Lean Mean Green Machine

A story about it on Gizmodo

The ACTUAL Official Big Wheel Website!



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