Episode 1 of the Slightly Burned Pants Podcast

Dwight, Murdock and Sullivan sail into history on a poorly recorded, leaky, caterpillar-driven boat. Subscribe via iTunes or if you’re fancy here’s the RSS  feed.

Twitter: @burnedpants@tmichaelmurdock@dwightslappe and Michael Sullivan (@thegoogly)

We have a subreddit too.

Review us on itunes, leave comments, have fun!  We hope we make you laugh a little.


5 thoughts on “Episode 1 of the Slightly Burned Pants Podcast

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  2. To reiterate my FB comment:
    Every morning and evening i have 20 minutes of walking time to and from work. I listen to 3 mutha-fuckahs make completely random references who laugh like hyenas. With that said, they’ve finally gotten their groove in the middle of the 1st podcast. result? I’m laughing like a hyena while walking to and from work. Big up Slightly Burned Pants.
    P.S. Michael Sullivan totally steals the show!

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