Jesus Loves Climbing Walls And Water Shows

EDIT:  Sullivan here – Bill Maher went to Holy Land in Religulous and talked to Street Jesus.  We may be late to the party, but at least we’re AT the party.

This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard of, and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it until yesterday.  There’s a religious theme park in Orlando called HOLY LAND.



Here are just some of the attractions!

  • Smile of a Child Adventure Land – where you can climb rocks and get misted
  • The Great Temple – a replica of the temple at Mount Moriah
  • Calvary’s Garden Tomb – walk the road Jesus walked with the cross and end at the tomb! (Spoiler Alert: The tomb is empty)
  • Jerusalem Street Market – Complete with street merchants!
  • Shofar Auditorium – A great place for musicals!
  • The Scriptorium – A Center for Biblical Antiquities!
  • Model of Jerusalem – The world’s largest indoor model (of its kind)!
  • Crystal Living Water – An inspirational… uh… water show!
  • COMING SOON! – The Church of All Nations!  Complete with LIVE PTL PROGRAMS! 
More after the break!  You’re welcome, world!
This is truly remarkable – not since the Creation Museum in Kentucky have I pined to go somewhere so badly!
And yesterday there was no admission!  Because they get a tax break if they set aside one day a year to not charge people!  WE MISSED IT!  Now we have to pay $31 each!  Ffffuuuuu!

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