The Guys From Air America Are Still Friends!

"What? No tip? Thanks a lot, sweet tits."

Proving once again that Robert Downey, Jr. is the coolest guy on planet Earth, he championed Mel Gibson after receiving his American Cinematheque Award.

Article after the jumpity-jump.

Before you scoff – read the article and what RDJ said.  I’m a hard guy to impress, but Mr. Jr. continues to affect me.


This is a guy who has gone through some shit and had a friend help him out.  Now that friend is in some trouble of his own and Mr. Jr. is trying to give a little back.

I’m not apologizing for Mel Gibson’s behavior.  People do and say stupid shit when they are drunk or high.  Hell, I do stupid shit whether I’m drunk or high or not.  Point being, I don’t think he’s a bad guy.  I just think he’s done some shitty things and made some mistakes.  Spouting drunken racial slurs isn’t nearly as bad as hitting women, in my mind, but he probably did both – that’s a lot to apologize and make up for.  I’m on the side of giving Mel Gibson as many chances as he needs.  After all, I’m neither Jewish nor a female Russian model, so I hardly have anything at stake.

Plus, I like his movies.

You’re a liar if you say you don’t.

Now go see The Beaver.


Also, I think RDJ’s wife is Jewish, so that’s over half of the battle.  COUNT IT!


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