This Just In! Video Games Look Better Now!

In the last 25 years, video games have come a long way.  It’s as if new technology has made for better graphics.  I would argue that due to limitations “back then”, some of the stories were actually “better” and far less convoluted.  It seems to me that because the worlds can be bigger and the games can take months to finish, by the time you arrive at the conclusion, only about half of it made any sense at all.

"I HAVE to get that bag of Pee!"

Here’s the original story over at – I warn you — every time you hit the “Next” button to go to the next picture, the slow-ass site completely reloads.  So, beware.  For those wondering, like I did, what game they started with and which they ended with, I’ll show you after the jump.

The Evolution of Graphics In Video Games Over The Last 25 Years [1987 – 2011]

1987 – Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

"Don't Let That Bat Eat My P!"

2011 – Crysis 2

"This guy's P is MUCH prettier!"

Shocking, I know.  I’m glad they spent less than 30 seconds choosing which games to show.  Aren’t you glad you stayed?  Me love you long time.



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