Arroz Con Pollo And The Mexican Centipede

So there I was… minding my own business… eating Arroz con Pollo with my girlfriend… when she says, “Look behind you.”

Now, I don’t know if the Mexican restaurants where you live are covered, top to bottom, in murals, but most of ours are, even down to the booths.  The tvs (and there are a frightening number of tvs in Mexican restaurants here) are all tuned to something akin to Univision, all with the sound turned off and, typically, no closed-captioning.  Mexican cantina music blares from the speakers.  This is what we know.  But I digress…

So, I turn around and the mural on the back of the booth I’m sitting in is this:

"Help Us, Senor!"

Sure, I added the caption, but honestly… in a world where not one, not two, but THREE films have been or are being made about this, I have to believe that this Mexican artist was ahead of his or her time.  Well done.  It’s JUST what I wanted to see while eating my messy plate of cheesy beans and chicken.



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