Every Bit Of Liquid From Your Television

MTV, in a stunning bit of proactive advertising and charity, has made the entire archive of Liquid Television available to you, the hoity-toity, high-brow masses.  Now you, too, can re-enjoy Aeon Flux, The Art School Girls of Doom, The Maxx, Dog Boy, Uncle Louie, WINTER STEELE, Bobby & Billy, Crazy Daisy Ed and WONDER SHOWZEN.  They also have, quite literally, ALL of the shorts ever aired on Liquid Television.

I’m sure this is all just for the inevitable and oh-so-timely return of Beavis & Butthead currently on the way, and why not?  It’s always good form to re-release all the GOOD stuff you did and then follow it up with a revival of complete SHIT.

Yeah, I said it.  Murdock thinks Beavis & Butthead sucks.  What’re you going to do about it?  Post a comment?  I doubt it.  Bunghole.


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I watch movies and make movies. I'm a published fantasy novelist and video game freelance writer. I will be an avid SW:TOR player. I've written reviews for Ain't It Cool News under the moniker of Constable Kreegal. I ran a website called "Do Producers Dream of Celluloid Sheep". I run 619 Productions, LLC. I'm a Virgo. I use an HTC Evo because iPhones are lame. My favorite band is Counting Crows. I've seen more movies than you have. If sarcasm isn't your thing, you probably won't like me. I'm ok with that, even though it's your fault. The best advice my father ever gave me was, "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story". Stop reading this now and go check out the blog. It's way cooler than either of us.

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